Remains of medieval walls in Pogi


TYPOLOGY: architectural
PERIOD: medieval
DATING: 12th-13th century
DEFINITION: medieval walls
DESCRIPTION: Ruins of a medieval structure located in Via Conti Guidi in Pogi, in front of the church of San Donato. The lacerto wall has a very accurate stone apparatus composed of limestone drafts placed on horizontal courses. Given the execution of the remains it is very difficult to accurately interpret this evidence, but given the masonry technique it was probably part of a building of some importance within the castle of Pogi. At the very hypothetical level we could dare to interpret this structure as remains of the palatium domains documented by written sources, placed close to the walls. This structure was the residence of the count and was delimited by two towers. From the masonry technique these remains have been dated to the 12th-13th century.

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