San Miniato’s Church


TIPOLOGY: architectonic
Period: medieval-modern
Dating: 17th – 19th century
Definition: church
Description: The church is entitled to San Miniato and is located inside the castle walls. The church is clearly of medieval origin, but over the centuries it has completely lost its original architectural features. The building has a south-east/north-west orientation in a single nave with a gabled roof. The main frontage is characterized by a rectangular entrance door delimited by a stone frame bearing the date 1623, probably referable to a restoration phase of the building. Inside, the church shows simple characters with a roof characterized by wooden warping and earthenware’s bricks and flooring. The walls are plastered and painted; the main altar is of 18th century workmanship and contains a painting probably made in the 17th century. On the right side is present a small chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

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