Piano di Biricocolo

ancient settlement

Large portion of land near the hamlet of Pietraviva, in a place called Piano di Biricocolo. In ancient times, superficial finds of heterogeneous material from various historical periods have been described. In 1967, following to an excavation of the land in order to plant a vineyard, large quantities of ceramic fragments, bricks, tiles and fragments of amphorae emerged. In the northern part it seems that traces of dry-walled masonry and bone fragments has emerged, that suggest the presence of a necropolis difficult to date. Furthermore, it should also be noted the discovery, at the end of the 19th century, at the nearby estate of Biricocolo, of an Etruscan statuette.
Very important was the work of photo interpretation on this place by the laboratory of the Department of Archeology – University of Siena, which highlighted the presence in the subsoil of orthogonal structures, probably referable to an housing complex.
Furthermore, the place is very important also for the high medieval period inasmuch is located near Gerlino Estate, this last toponym is mentioned in a document dated 715 which specifies the church of San Pietro in fundo Gerlino. As far as dating is concerned, reading information on the material that emerged in the past, we can hypothesize a dating between the 4th century BC and the beginning of the Middle Ages: therefore a frequentation evolved over a wide chronological span.

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