The project

The project was born in 2016 from the collaboration between Bucine’s municipality and the association “Valle dell’Ambra” with the aim of enhancing and spreading the cultural heritage present in the municipal area. The work had started with the census of architectural and archeological evidence. The recognition of the subjects took place through: surveys on the territory, the study of toponymy and the reading of published sources. The data collected subsequently were put into relation with the cartography of Bucine’s area, through the realization of a specific platform, in order to make the data joint with the area in which the evidences surveyed are found. Through the creation of an interactive geographical map, the user can move virtually in the territory by choosing a specific historical period, or, if he prefers, the type of cultural asset to be visited. By clicking on each icon, a popup, containing a summary of the point in question, will appear, from which it could be possible open, in a new page, a detailed tab with relative photographic documentation.

The Virtual Museum of Valdambra is a project of the Municipality of Bucine and the Valdambra Association.