Mani Villa
Zampi Palace


TIPOLOGY: architectonic


DATING: 18th – 19th century


DESCRIPTION: The building is located in the hamlet of Ambra, near the town’s main square. The palace should have been, until, at least, the beginning of the 19th century, divided into two properties, as the Lorenese land register shows. The north-west portion was owned by the Manni family, while the south-west portion was owned by the Zampi family. The building is a beautiful example of elegant country architecture, most likely built between the end of the 18th century and the very beginning of the following century. Currently the structure shows some extensions made over the centuries, but the original shape of the building was rectangular with a pavilion roof surmounted by a tower-dovecote. Externally the building has facades without plaster, with windows and doors highlighted by a carved stone frames. Very interesting is the entrance door situated on the western elevation, along the present Trieste street: the opening has a decorative stone structure delimited by two pilasters with tuscan capitals in which there is an arch at the center with a key decorated vault resting on two monolithic stone jambs.

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