Spinning Mill Zampi


TIPOLOGY: architectonic
DATING: 19th century
DEFINITION: spinning mill
DESCRIPTION: The structure is located in the hamlet of Ambra and represents a significant element of industrial archeology for the territory of Bucine’s municipality. The building was a silk spinning mill and for the economy of the town marked a phase of change with the birth of an industrial economy in addition to the agricultural one. The spinning mill was built in the last years of the nineteenth century by Mr. Adolfo Zampi, a wealthy landowner of the place, and it was inaugurated in 1896. Currently, in the east, another building leans on its realized in the second half of the twentieth century, which alters the original shape of the structure. Originally the building had a rectangular plan with a gable roof and composed on two floors. Externally, the façade that preserves better the original features is the eastern one, corresponding with the façade of the structure. The main view, in fact, is made of exposed local stone and is punctuated by brick pilasters with stone capitals, distributed at regular intervals. Between one pilaster and the other large windows open with a full arch in brickwork. In the lower part there are smaller openings, some buffered, with depressed arches. The entire structure is surmounted by a tall chimney made entirely of brick.
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