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One of the most beautiful valleys in Tuscany, rich in history, art and nature. In Valdambra the journey is beautiful, not only the destination: that’s why it is suggestive to walk along roads with no traffic, that cross small villages, isolated parish churches in the countryside, churches, abbey churches, towers, archaeological sites, vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields.

Welcome to Valdambra!

50 sites of interest

4 historical periods

12 types of attractions

Now to end as Boccaccio wrote, I’ll tell you that I’m not in Certaldo but in San Leolino […] Instead of the citizens’ continous tumult, I see the fields, the hills, the trees with green foliage and dressed in various kind of flowers. all things here are spontaneosly made by Nature while the citizens just show hypocrisy. I hear singing nightingales and other birds… and I do not need to write any further because Boccaccio will tell you for me.

Quirina Mocenni to Ugo Foscolo, Letter, June 18th 1818.

One valley, many experiences to live.

The Virtual Museum of Valdambra is a project of the Municipality of Bucine and the Valdambra Association.