Santa Maria Assunta’s Church


TYPOLOGY: Architectural
PERIOD: Medieval-Modern
DATING BACK TO : XVIth-XXth century
DESCRIPTION: Santa Maria Assunta’s church has got medieval origins. It was the main devotion place within Ambra’s castle. The building was completely rebuilt at the end of the XVIth century after an earthquake. At the end of the XIXth century the presbytery area was widened and incorporated the castle walls. The present structure is due to a radical renovation made in the first half of the XXth century. The building has a south-east/north west orientation with a « T » structure and an only one central nave with a hut covering. The presbytery area is slightly elevated and covered by a « semi sphere » vault. Inside the church you can admire a painting by Michelangelo Vestrucci, representing the Virgin Nativity and dating back to the 1600. The Bell tower was built in 1913-1914. It replaced a previous « semi-spherical » Bell tower.

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